Transport and Standard Manual Wheelchairs

Transport wheelchairs have distinctive features such as smaller wheels, and being light weight - some as light as 14.7 lbs. When thinking of purchasing a transport wheelchair, typically portability is the main reason for such products. Of course, it should be noted that due to the smaller wheels, this means that transport chairs are used for being pushed in. The type of wheelchair, transport chairs, have many names, such as "small wheeled wheelchair", and "transfer chair". Overall, a transport chair is made for storability, and portability - and helps a caregiver take a user from one point to another. 

On the other hand, a standard manual wheelchair is designed to support longer trips, and to allow for self propulsion.  Typically speaking, features of this chair include two, larger rear mounted wheels, with hand rims so the user can propel themselves while sitting in the wheelchair. A standard manual wheelchair does not require caregiver aid, however, nearly all manual wheelchairs come with either stroller/spreader bar handles, or back canes with handles to push a user in. All standard manual wheelchairs are foldable, which supports in storage of the wheelchair.

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