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Lift Recliner Chairs

Enjoy unmatched comfort in every position with our lift chairs from brands such as "Pride Mobility", Especially designed for people to make sure that they have no more trouble while sitting or getting up. 

Instead, with just a click on the button, they will be good to comfortably relax and recline whenever needed to. Besides, they securely help the older people from a sitting to a standing position. So they can get up with complete ease without having to worry about anything.

Relaxation to the fullest!  
After all, nobody should experience pain while changing positions. Instead, they should feel their best always. Each of our products is made using high-quality materials to make sure they last for a long time, giving the same experience and service. 

All at reasonable pricing just for you!
Our collection of lift chairs comes with a wide collection of products. Whether be it a tranquil lift chair, radiance lift chair, elegance lift chair, relaxation chair, or 3 position lift chair – we have got it all covered!
Hence, based on your requirement, pick the most suitable one and help for you, or someone in your house by giving them these lift chairs. 

Below are just some lift chairs Function At Home Inc carries. We work alongside top suppliers, and custom-fit all lift chairs to your liking. Function At Home Inc. has the best price guarantee on Lift Chairs. We don't match prices, we beat them.

  • What is the average life of a mobility scooter?
    Frankly speaking, there is no precise estimation, and it tends to vary from one scooter to another. However, if you follow the maintenence schedule as set out by the manufacturer, and get your mobility scooter serviced by a Function At Home technician, we can keep your scooter running as it should!
  • Which is the better 3 or 4-wheel scooter?
    A 3 wheel mobility scooter is preferable for indoor usage, while a 4 wheel scooter is ideal for outdoor usage. Hence, both have different purposes to serve and thus are better off in their respective criteria.
  • Are lift chairs tax deductible in Canada?
    Yes, they are tax deductible in Canada. But for that, you have to show to the Canadian Government and Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) that they fall under a particular ailment-related expense, and you are using it for that purpose mainly. Typically, a doctors script is sufficient for them to be tax deductible.
  • What happens to my lift chair if the power in my home goes out?
    All lift chairs supplied by Pride Mobility have a battery back up. With some models, it is simply a 9v battery that goes into the power cord brick. Some lift chairs also have a lithium-ion battery which is continuously charging. Overall, fear not if the power goes out in your home, as all lift chairs from Function At Home have a battery back up option.
  • Are lift chairs safe for the elderly?
    Of course, they are safe for the elderly. In fact, with the help of this, the seniors can maintain their independence and get the exact support they need while sitting down or standing up. They are just not a chair. Instead, it comes with tons of physical and emotional advantages that make them just perfect for an elderly usage.
  • How much does a lift chair weigh?
    A lift chair weighs around 100 to 200 lbs, based on the model and kind of chair you pick.
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