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It was developed with the customer experience in mind and brings new features to enhance the user, provider and clinician experience. The Invacare AVIVA STORM RX Power Wheelchair is an innovative leap forward in rear-wheel drive power wheelchairs.

The AVIVA STORM RX is targeted for users who travel outdoors but also need the manueverability for indoors. It is intuitive to drive and is an easy transition for people that move from a manual wheelchair to a power wheelchair.

  • Compact base design offers better maneuverability 
  • SureGrip suspension system helps increase traction going over obstacles 
  • Front caster bushings decrease vibrations the user sees and thus helps reduce fatigue 
  • Front casters are moved outboard to allow use of a center mount front rigging to help improve the comfort of the user.  The center mount front rigging can tuck under up to 7˚. 
  • Front and rear lights help improve the visibility 
  • Comes with the Motion Concepts Ultra Low Maxx seating system and LiNX electronic controls 

Invacare AVIVA STORM RX Power Wheelchair

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