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"Which lift chair is best for me?": The different types of Lift recliner chairs

Lift recliner chairs - arguably one of the best investments an individual with mobility complications can make. Although many recognize the importance of a lift recliner chair, We often get asked by our customers, "What's the difference between 'this one' and 'this one'"? And this is why we decided to write this blog!

There are three main types of lift recliner chairs - 1) two position lift chairs, 2) three position lift chairs, and 3) infinite position lift chairs


1) Two-Position Lift Chairs

Two-Position lift chairs have a smaller reclining angle, or range of about 45 degrees. The "Pride Mobility" LC-358XXL is a great example of a two position lift chair.

Power Lift Recliner Chair, Brown, Large

A two-position lift chair will only have one motor, and will have a basic controller with two buttons: Up, and Down. This type of lift recliner chair is a great choice if you simply need a product to support you in lifting, and don't plan on taking naps in the chair as often.


2) Three-Position Lift Chairs

A three-position lift chair can be reclined to a near flat position, and can be stopped whenever necessary in-between reclining the chair. For example, if you only wanted to recline 25 degrees, you can simply let go of the button and the chair will stop and hold its position at the 25 degree point.

A major advantage of a three position armchair is the fact that you can recline to a near flat position. This, of course, can be helpful if you ever get tired and want to take a quick nap. Overall, a three position lift recliner chair can do everything a two position lift recliner chair can, but has the advantage of a) reclining to a near flat position, and b) the benefit of being able to stop the lift chair from reclining at any degree you prefer.

There are many types of three-position lift chairs we offer, one which is our EXPERT PICK for the month of August is the "Pride Mobility LC-106"

Pride Mobility LC-106

This type of lift chair is a great option if you need a lift chair of which you plan to sit for longer period of time in, and plan to want to take some naps in the chair.


3) Infinite Position Lift Chairs

Infinite Position lift chairs differ from both two-position, and three-position lift chairs. As the name implies, this type of lift chair has more capabilities compared to the other two. Another name for this type of lift recliner chair is "zero-gravity" lift chair. This type of chair will go to a fully flat reclining position, being parallel to the floor.

Of course, you can stop the reclining angle at any point in time, and the chair will hold its position.

Some Infinite position lift chairs also have the capability a position called "Trendelenburg". This type of position improves circulation throughout the body, as it puts the client's head declined below their feet at an angle of about 16 degrees.

Pride Mobility VivaLift Radiance PLR-3955

The "Pride Mobility VivaLift! Radiance PLR3955" is a great choice for an infinite position lift chair. This arm chair has heat as a standard feature, and has independent motors to move the leg rest, backrest, headrest, lumbar support, and more independently.


So, what's the best option for me?

Of course, this question is not as easy as it seems. All lift recliner chairs have its purposes, for different clients and customers. To know which lift chair suits you best, and are looking for lift recliner chairs at an affordable price, feel free to contact us.


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