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Sunlight Lamp Deluxe: Product



Boost up your mood and shape up your house simultaneously with these aesthetically designed sad lamps for depression. This therapy is quite an effective and easy way to make you feel good about yourself at any time of the day and night you need.

They treat your body from within and directly deliver the near-infrared (NIR) wavelengths of light into your skin and cells. So there is just no way that you will feel upset about anything with the top sad lamps.

So, if you are looking for the best budget sad lamp/ best sun lamp for sad/ best daylight lamp for sad/ best light therapy lamps Canada, look no further!

As Function At Home has all kinds of best sad lamps for depression that will instantly uplift your mood. No matter what the reason is, with our mood lamp for depression, you cannot just stay upset or depressed for a long time.

That much powerful and efficient each of our sad light therapy lamps!

Starting from healing up faster to keeping you vibrant and ensuring a better sleep, skin, and performance – you will get to enjoy all of these benefits with our sad lamp use. In fact, you will notice observing these changes within the very first day.

Here, in Function At Home, we target to make the beneficial healing light power to be available to anyone. So, everyone can buy this product comfortably without worrying about putting their pockets. All for an affordable rate!

Moving on to the construction, each of our sad lamps for depression comes with high-efficiency LED diodes that remove flicker, unlike the ordinary fluorescent ones. Besides, they are totally UV Filtered and safe to use. You can even adjust the height accordingly to your need to enjoy every moment of your therapeutic treatment.

Perfect for tired and depressed office workers, seniors, shift workers, jet lag, people who have trouble sleeping (insomnia), and sunlight deprivation!

We have a huge collection of the best sad lamp Canada available right at your service. This includes seasonal depression lamps, seasonal affective disorder lights, daylight lamp sad, happy lights for sad, sun lamp depression, etc. 

What's holding you back? Browse through the list and pick the one that ideally suits all your demands to enjoy the glare-free lights whenever required.

Add therapeutic light to your routine life with the most effective sad lamps to embark on a new beginning to the world of happiness. After all, your treatment begins right from your house.

Function At Home Inc's sunlight lamp is designed for to support individuals with seasonal affective depression disorders. This product is also designed for those with little to no sunlight within their rooms, or home. 


This product has:


  • 10,000LUX. MAX daylight 

  • 6500LUX Cool White setting

  • 5500LUX Warm White Setting

  • Passes FCC, CE, ROHS, PSE. 

  • Easy-use 3 touch button simplistic design

  • Comes with a stand to prop light up


This product is listed for $59.99

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