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Home Health Care & Mobility: Disability Products 

Worried about the elderly people in your house who have mobility impairment? Well, we are here to the rescue!

As with our Disability products for seniors, you can ensure a quality of life for your older adults. They can do any work of their with total independence, without needing anyone's help. A dream come true indeed for seniors who cannot move even a bit.

Mobility is an extremely important thing for every senior. Otherwise, no matter how luxurious a life they are given, if they cannot move around as they like to, then certainly they will stay unhappy.

It is a struggle that every senior can relate to. After all, without being able to move or do anything freely is certainly one of the biggest pain one can suffer from.

It is where the assistive devices for seniors come in handy. As with their right usage, they can lead an independent life they want to live for the rest of their days.

That's why by keeping all these key factors in mind, we have come up with a huge collection of mobility products and assistive devices for elderly.

Starting from mobility aids for elderly to mobility devices for disabled, mobility devices for walking, mobility aids for the home, mobility aids for walking – we, Function At Home, just have all kinds of home care medical products ready right at your service!

Just pick the one that you need from our home healthcare products listings. It will be delivered to you within the estimated time. All our products are premium in quality and come with an affordable price tag!

Function At Home Inc offers a wide range of home healthcare and mobility products. Contact us for more details.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the below most commonly asked questions regarding the disability products for seniors in Canada:

What is the importance of assistive devices for the elderly?

To support the older adults and help them lead a quality and independent life they want to live, there is no alternative to assistive devices for the elderly. With the usage of these devices, they will not need anyone's constant support; instead can roam around safely and freely as they deem. It is particularly important for those adults who have a disability, weakened limb, impaired memory, decreased eyesight, etc. 

What is the best walking aid for the elderly?

We have a wide collection of walking aids products for the elderly available on our site. Each of them is extremely good and specialized in their respective fields. From lightweight walkers to narrow walkers and budget-friendly ones – each of the walking products is one of a kind. So, based on your requirement, pick the one that meets your criteria the most.

What are the types of a mobility aid?

Mobility aids are the devices that are particularly designed for the people who have a mobility impairment to provide them with the exact support and balance one needs while moving around. Mobility aids come in different types, such as canes, walkers, wheelchairs, mobility scooters, guide dogs, safety modifications, etc.

What do you do when an elderly parent can't walk?

Whenever an elderly parent cannot walk, you must do the following things without waiting any longer: 1. Take them to an experienced doctor for proper treatment 2. Purchase a walking aid for them. 3. Remove any kind of mobility barriers in case you have one in your home. 4. Take proper care of them and sign up for a physical therapy.

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