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Protect your sensitive and intimate skin with our premium quality incontinence supplies Canada. Always keeps you dry and protected throughout the day by instantly locking away the wetness and odors.

Made with super absorbent materials and fabrics, our incontinence supplies are highly durable and stretchable to move with you. So, you can move around freely without any trouble!

Besides, no matter for how long hours you are using our adult incontinence products, you will always feel comfortable in them. It's definitely one of the leading specialties of all our incontinence products for seniors.

After all, if people don't feel comfortable in them, then certainly they will never want to wear them the next time.

Here, in Function At Home, we prioritize quality above everything. That's why we come up with only good quality brand products to make sure you get the right protection and comfort you need. Some of the famous brands included in our listings are, namely Tranquility, Prevail, Depend, etc. 

Our elderly incontinence supplies come in varied absorbency levels and size ranges to meet every incontinence requirement. Hence, choose the one that ideally matches your criteria to remain always dry. All for a reasonable pricing!

No more fear of leakage with our incontinence products!

Function At Home Inc. carries top brands of incontinence supplies. Some brands include Tena, Tranquility, Prevail, and Depend.

Briefs, pull-ups, pads, and more are available.


Contact us about our monthly right-to-door program with incontinence supplies!






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