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The Pegasus METRO three and four wheel scooters have been designed to focus on key aspects important to both new and seasoned scooter users. Equipped with proprietary Speed Reduction Technology, quiet and durable four-pole motors, an enhanced suspension system and an ergonomic design, the Pegasus METRO is engineered for a safe, comfortable and enjoyable ride.

• Ergonomic design leads to better alignment of the head, shoulders and elbows and places the body into a more relaxed driving position therefore decreasing strain and increasing comfort.
• Speed Reduction Technology - Slows the unit while cornering to ensuring optimal control into and out of the turn.
• Two-Step Brake Disengagement Lever - Prevents the accidental release out of drive mode.
• Fully Programmable Electronics.
• 360 degree rotating seat with fore/aft and height adjustment and reclining back.

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Invacare Pegasus Metro 4W: Product
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